Vue53—Architectural Brand
& Environments

Vue53 represented a major collaborative effort between Valerio, Dewalt, Train Associates and the studio’s internal brand & design studio, Media Objectives. The building— designed by architect Joe Valerio—bears a number of distinct characteristics championed by his design aesthetic; a unique juxtaposition between modernist geometry and brutalist use of materials. As a mixed use building, branding, wayfinding, and placemaking were important elements of the building itself. The desire was to seamlessly marry the bulding and the brand into a cohesive experience.

Creative Direction: Joe Lawton & Joe Valerio
Designed with Taylor Loutsis

AIA—DEA: Distinguished Building Award 2020

The exterior of the building served as an important point of inspiration for the logo as well as the visual system that tracks through the building. The strong relationship between horizontal and vertical lines is distinctly present in the structure itself, which uses dense horizontal strips to give the facade a shorter profile. This was the main inspiration behind the linework patterns that accent the interior environments and signage.