University of Illinois-Chicago
Gallery 400—
Let Me Be An Object
that Screams

Let Me Be An Object That Screams was a gallery show curated by SAIC drawing and painting faculty, Matthew Wayne Morris for which a short publication was produced. Morris’ curatorial perspective is highly idiosyncratic, psychological, and layered—qualities revealed during early walk-through’s of the show in which Matt traced a linear trajectory from one piece to the next, outlining a narrative through-line that brings each piece into context.

When asked to design a catalog for the exhibit, steps were taken to resist designing outright, and instead to cultivate an open dialog with the curator. The catalog was designed to create a physical, tactile, space within which the works of art can be viewed and understood—a translation of the experience of being there in person, inspired by Morris’ curatorial narrative.

The black ink tends to optically bleed to the edge of the page. Without a true edge stain this book is relatively successful at creating the impression of a solid black shape, as if it was a slice of obsidian or stone. A book is an object, perhaps even a sculpture in certain cases.

Symbolic language was used in lieu of a traditional book cover. The “Screaming Object” as it became known emphasizes the physicality of the book by subverting the language of the book [as an object].