Saucony :
Run for Good
Brand & Platform

As Saucony’s agency of record, Someoddpilot’s creative team is contantly engaged in a variety of projects to support Saucony footwear. Whether it is producing a photo shoot, concepting product launches, developing digital assets, or planning unique print pieces—the creative team at Someoddpilot supports the brand through a range of mediums and perspectives

One of the initial creative efforts for Saucony was a major reevaluation of the brand itself, from its visual style to its tone of voice. Run for Good was adopted as the brands tagline and rallying cry—a point of connection for consumers and retailers alike. The result is a rich brand universe defined by a legacy of athletic prowess, a do-it-yourself approach to the sport of running, and a tech portfolio to back-up products with data and science.

Unique print pieces offer Saucony an opportunity to connect with their sales reps and help them to understand the world of Saucony. However, digital campaigns and projects represent a key touchpoint in communicating the brand to the larger world. The variety of access points to the brand requires a consideration for a variety of channels and mediums. Digital campaigns allow for a greater degree of flexibility in introducing motion and dynamic elements to the brand—an important trajectory for brands hoping to increase social engagement.

We highlighted Saucony’s heritage with a new look and feel for their advertisements inspired by vintage Saucony ads. We pushed more personality into the typography by utilizing Gotham Ultra, with tight tracking, to offset the simple structure of the ads. Bold, easy to create, and with clear narrative thread, these ad templates have been a mainstay in Saucony’s toolkit.