Interior Define—
Defined By Digital & Social Campaign

Interior Define offers custom, luxury sofas through tailored online and in-person interactions with design specialists. The brand is built upon simplicity, efficiency, and clarity.

The Defined By campaign was meant to place specific emphasis on the more emotional, or idiosyncratic side of the buying experience. By focusing on a variety of buying personas, we highlighted lifestyle scenarios that inspire specific design sentiments, whether through fabric, form, or function. Someoddpilot created a campaign to bring energy to their existing design system and set the stage for a variety of photographic assets including lifestyle images, product photography, social strategy & content, as well as animated assets.

Photo & Video—Connor Weitz & Jeremy Freedberg
Styling & Production—Katey Meyer & Veronica Aviña
Lighting—Lenny Gilmore

The campaign focused on a series of image pairs inspired by the aesthetic and functional benefits of the furniture, and informed by demographic research. Using unique characters we were able to capture unique personas complete with unique environments punctuated by a variety of items that help to create a narrative moment within each image pair.

The typographic system sought to build upon existing typographic rules so as to maintain a certain level of proximity to the current brand language. However, with more of an emotional message, the typographic system took advantage of scale, combining typefaces, as well as establishing styles for more graphic use of typography.

The campaign also carried through social with a variety of content types and styles to round out the campaign and to drive interaction to Interior Define’s instagram feed. These assets expand upon both the visual system, as well as the overarching concept. These new content buckets, or themes, offer a more layered, nonlinear interaction in their respective social channels.

Interior Define | Definitively Yours from Someoddpilot on Vimeo.