Cirrus Aircraft
—Digital Design Refresh

Cirrus is an industry leader in private, luxury aircraft design, manufacture, and sales. Their product is an amazing piece of technology and unequivocally the core of Cirrus. However, as the brand communications have become increasingly digital, as did the need for more hi-touch, streamlined user experiences. Individuals with the means and desire to become a Cirrus consumer are emerging every day, and their familiarity with technology and design is growing as well.

The new website experience is intended to become of hub for the brand—not only a source of sales information, but a space for a growing community of consumers, enthusiasts, and experts alike. The design and experience needed to capture the excitement and adventure of ultimate freedom—a space for users to explore what it means to live the “Cirrus Life.”

In developing a new look and feel for the website, the visual language of the brand was also audited as part of the design process. With a slim design system in place, the website had an opportunity to push the visual impact of the Cirrus brand. Typefaces, colors, and design were distilled into a tighter visual logic that could elevate the existing brand without introducing entirely new elements. This updated system served as a formal and functional guide to designing everything in the site, from editorial typography to animated UI elements.

The site was designed by developing a series of “modules”—designs (or wireframes) that could be easily re-purporsed and re-skinned easily depending on the desired content or functionality. Modules helped both the design and the development teams to collaboratively manage the large amount of content contained on the website, while maintaining an engaging experience for the user.

The PDP experience for a personal jet is unsurprisingly quite a bit different than a traditional “ecommerce” experience (if the term can be applied)—certainly more akin to luxury auto-mobiles. The magnitude of the purchase is matched with highly in-depth content, diagrams, data, photography, and more.